My Love for Books

I started reading at a very young age. My mother is an avid reader and instilled in me her love for books. Although I’ve loved reading since about 4 years old, it wasnt until around 13 that i really appreciated how amazing reading was. I realized that reading transported me far away into distant lands and different lives. They distracted me from all my seemingly huge teenage girl problems. It was also around this age that i began to vividly visualize the story as I read.

Visualizing took my love for books to an entirely new level. I felt what the protagonist was feeling because i was going through it with them. I had become them. Overnight I was addicted and constantly looking for my next escape. I took up an internship with my high school library to indulge in my growing need to stay engulfed in a book. Experiencing and dealing with high school was apparently too much for me to be bothered with.

Deal with real life? 

Why would i do something like that when i can have everything I’ve ever wanted inside a book? Not that life was super hard (I was a very over dramatic teen… I’m often still an over dramatic adult, if you can even call me that). Nowadays I have a firm grip on reality (at least for the most part, I still want to meet a husky Scottish man who is secretly a werewolf come to claim me as his mate!). But going through such an intense phase helped me really appreciate authors and the way they work so hard to bring out content your not afraid to devote and lose yourself in. So follow me on this journey as I document my everyday life and my love of books.

Am I the only one that loves the smell of a brand new, just cracked open book? No? Ok!

Am I the only one that loves the smell of a brand new, just cracked open book? No? Ok!